Vaccines are the single most cost-effective medical interventions. Vaccines have eliminated many infectious diseases completely which only decades ago caused serious morbidity and mortality.

Since the days of Luis Pasteur, over a century ago, vaccine developers have continued to focus on live attenuated viruses and bacteria and chemical structures that induce strong pro-inflammatory immune responses. However, these very same responses are responsible for unwanted side effects.

To make safe vaccines using non-living, non-replicating vaccines, parts of a pathogen, e.g. a surface protein, can be engineered by recombinant technology. However, most such proteins cannot be used as standalone vaccines and need to be mixed with vaccine adjuvants (helpers) and delivery systems to enhance the immune responses against them.

Our patented Nutritive Immune-enhancing Delivery System (NIDS), is based on the surprising immunomodulatory synergy between select vitamins (e.g. A and E) and a class of naturally-occurring polyphenols, i.e. flavonoids that are found in vegetables, herbs and fruits.  The NIDS formulation contains these active ingredients which are produced as an oil in water nano-emulsion, using either natural seed oils or fatty acid blends. All the NIDS compounds are natural are chemically well-defined and can be cGMP-manufactured.  Moreover, the manufacturing process is simple and inexpensive.

We have demonstrated in preclinical studies that our NIDS-based vaccines against HIV-1 induced strong immune responses with significantly lower early innate pro-inflammatory responses compared to licensed and competitor vaccine adjuvants and delivery systems, while being more efficacious. Please see our peer-eviewed publications under the NEWS page.



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