EpitoGenesis, Inc. is a biotechnology company, established in November of 2008, with focus on development of immune enhancing adjuvants and delivery systems for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines as well as robust and rapid vaccine manufacturing platforms. The company is co-founded by Dr. Michael Vajdy, a mucosal immunologist with over 20 years of experience in Immunology and Vaccinology from both academia and industry. The other co-founder of EpitoGenesis Inc. is Ms. Shohre Golestani, who has several years of experience from the financial industry.

Our products will target the human vaccine market, which currently generates revenues of several billion dollars in USA. Our vaccine immune-enhancing delivery systems will aim to reduce the number of doses, the concentration of each dose, as well as provide the ability to administer the vaccines in a needle-free manner either mucosally or transcutaneously. These will clearly improve the health of various segments of the population, particularly the infant and the elderly. Our R&D efforts also focus on developing rapid, effective and inexpensive vaccine manufacturing platform technologies.